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core values of the Weiss Theater Department






The mission of the Weiss Theater Department it to provide a place for all students to be challenged, to collaborate, and to enrich their understanding of the world around them through diverse theatrical production opportunities, and modeling best practices of professional performers and technicians.

Weiss Theater Culture


  • We believe there is a place for ALL people in theater.  

  • We are excited to learn about you, to learn what strengths and talents that you possess, and to show you the many ways they can be utilized in theater.

  • We treat everyone as equals.

  • We communicate with respect, patience, and kindness. (even when there’s conflict)



  • We work in teams more often than working as an individual.

  • We put the team’s needs ahead of our own.

  • We work together to create work that we could never create on our own.

  • We are constantly learning new skills that will help us be better collaborators, because we know that is one of the most important attributes of being a successful adult.



  • We believe in you, care about you, and will challenge you to grow.

  • We expect you to work to the best of your abilities every single day.

  • We believe that excellence is not achieved without failure. Fail forward!

  • We are rooting for you! Every single day. We want to see you succeed.

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