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8th Grade Auditions for next year

8th grade Invasion Video

Audition instructions

These instructions are for current 8th grade students that are wanting to be in an advanced performance class at Weiss High School in the 2022-2023 school year.

We offer two advanced performance classes for incoming freshman in the Weiss Theater Department.  These classes are Freshman Select and Musical Theater.  These classes require an audition and director approval in order to be admitted.  This year we are asking students to submit a digital audition form and video of their audition performance by Friday, February 25th no later that 9:00PM.

FRESHMAN SELECT AUDITION REQUIREMENTS: Prepare a one-minute audition monologue that shows off your best skills as an actor/actress. The monologue can be comedic or dramatic, we have no preference. You can find your own audition monologue OR use one of the monologues at the end of this packet. Your monologue should be memorized.

MUSICAL THEATER 1 AUDITION REQUIREMENTS: Prepare a song, from a published Broadway musical, that fits your vocal range. You should prepare a cut that is 45-60 seconds in length and memorized. Rehearse your performance of this song and make sure that you are fully prepared to perform it before recording it.
Record your audition using your phone, computer, or any other video recording device.  We need to see you in the performance, so please make sure that we have a good view of you in the video.

TECHNICAL THEATER 1 AUDITION REQUIREMENT: Create a one-page picture collage in Google Slides that shows us who you are, what interests you have, and what elements of technical theater you are interested in learning more about.  Be as creative as possible in this collage!

Questions about auditions?  Please contact us by email and we will be happy to assist you.

Weiss Theater Directors,
Bobby Malone -
Will Kiley -
Bailey Head -

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